NextRide Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Comox Valley

What is NextRide?
NextRide is a BC Transit initiative to implement Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology on buses. In addition, the new technology includes a web-based passenger application, which will enable commuters to use web browsers and smart mobile devices to see the location of their bus along its route and its predicted arrival time at an identified stop.

Will there be anything inside the buses to tell me when my stop is coming up?
Inside the buses, each stop will be visually displayed on an LED board, and audibly announced as well.

Is the technology difficult to learn/install and how will NextRide work with the current BC Transit  website?
The technology for NextRide will be web-based and very user-friendly. Once the system is live in each community, customers will be able to tap or click the NextRide logo on the home page and be taken to the real-time site to view routes, plan trips or set up route alerts. Check out the video tutorial.

What are the benefits?
NextRide will allow riders to see the current location of their bus so they can know when it will arrive at their stop with greater accuracy. It will also allow them to see how full a bus is at any given time.

The AVL information will provide BC Transit and its partners with the data to better direct buses for schedule reliability, manage on-road incidents more effectively and more easily push alerts out to customers in the case of detours, accidents, or other events that may delay regular routing.

How much will the installation cost?
The system will cost $6.74 million and consist of the installation of routers and antennas (where required), a vehicle logistics unit (VLU), a mobile data terminal (MDT) on buses, related software and licensing costs and external passenger information displays at select locations.

Where is the budget coming from? 
Funding for this project is coming from the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF), which was announced in June 2016 by the federal and provincial governments.

What contractor is installing and monitoring the equipment?
Strategic Mapping will partner with BC Transit to install and monitor NextRide. 

Will all BC Transit communities be getting NextRide?
For now, only buses in those communities identified above will receive NextRide technology.  BC Transit will evaluate and make recommendations as to the feasibility of adding communities moving forward.

Why is Victoria the last of the selected communities to have NextRide installed?
Victoria’s bus fleet is the most complex, as it has the largest number of buses and is made up of several different bus models. Implementing NextRide in the other communities first will allow BC Transit to understand how the technology will operate on each type of bus and to help streamline the operational change management process in Victoria.

Will NextRide work with third-party transit apps?
Yes. BC Transit will publish real-time GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) feeds on its Open Data page which will allow third-party developers and applications to use the data.