Route 22: East Townline

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Direction - Counterclockwise

Weekday Schedule (Counterclockwise)
Bourquin Exchange Maclure and Tretheway Blueridge and Clearbrook MEI (Downs and Clearbrook) Townline and Blueridge George Ferguson Way at Clearbrook Maclure and Tretheway Bourquin Exchange
C7:38 AM 7:44 AM 7:46 AM 7:50 AM 7:54 AM 7:58 AM 8:04 AM 8:10 AM
C2:38 PM 2:44 PM 2:46 PM 2:50 PM 2:54 PM 2:58 PM 3:04 PM 3:10 PM
*C - This trip only operates when school is in full session.

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