Route 22: East Townline

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Direction - Counterclockwise

*C - This trip only operates when school is in full session.
Weekday Schedule (Counterclockwise)
Bourquin Exchange Maclure and Tretheway Blueridge and Clearbrook MEI (Downs and Clearbrook) Townline and Blueridge George Ferguson Way at Clearbrook Maclure and Tretheway Bourquin Exchange
C7:38 AM 7:44 AM 7:46 AM 7:50 AM 7:54 AM 7:58 AM 8:04 AM 8:10 AM
C2:38 PM 2:44 PM 2:46 PM 2:50 PM 2:54 PM 2:58 PM 3:04 PM 3:10 PM

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