Combined Morning Trip

Expired Customer Advisory


October 1, 2018

Routes Affected:

Effective October 1, 2018

Implementation of a combined morning trip on route 3 and 1.  The combined morning trip starts as route 3 Comox Local at Comox Mall and continues as route 1 Downtown via NIC at Noel and Anderton. At Cliffe and 4th the trip ends and continues to Driftwood Mall and Anfield Centre as route 8 Willemar.

See map here

Find schedule for combined trip below:

3 Comox Local 1 Downtown
Comox Mall Guthrie and Torrence Church and Noel Guthrie and Anderton North Island College Cliffe and 4th
7:32 7:39 7:44 7:48 7:53 8:00