BC Transit Coronavirus COVID-19 Information

Recovery Phase 



BC Transit Recovery Plan 

At BC Transit, the safety of our customers and employees is paramount. As restrictions begin to lift across the province, select sectors open back up, and people gradually return to engaging in some of the activities they did prior to March 2020, we want to ensure that BC Transit gets you where you need to be, as safely and efficiently as possible.  Following the guidance of the Provincial Health Office and WorkSafeBC, and drawing on the best practices of the transit industry worldwide, we are continuing with many of the measures put in place to respond to COVID-19, and are implementing some additional practices and procedures to align with BC’s Restart Plan.  
Measures already in place that will continue:    

1. Enhanced cleaning and sanitization on buses and at BC Transit facilities:
  • Daily cleaning of high touch areas on all buses 
  • Weekly sanitization of buses 
  • Daily sanitization of handyDART buses
2. Rear door loading and ceasing fare collection (until May 31, 2020)
3. Limiting passenger capacity to support physical distancing
4. A red line on floor at front of bus indicates passengers to stand behind
5. Additional personal protective equipment for handyDART transit operators
6. Communication to staff and customers to encourage behaviours that contribute to the safety of themselves, our operators and fellow passengers (both on board the bus and through channels that include website and social media):
  • Practicing physical distancing when possible
  • Standing behind the red line to give your driver space
  • Moving to an open space if available
  • Avoiding touching your face
  • Practicing proper hand hygiene and coughing or sneezing into the bend of your arm
  • Staying home if you are feeling unwell

The following procedures will be in place to align with BC’s Restart Plan:

1. Capacity management: 
  • BC Transit will continue to target a comfortable capacity on buses, which may result in buses being full and customers could experience pass ups
  • We will manage capacity by shifting demand to times and places where we have extra capacity
  • Operators will manage bus capacity
  • We encourage riders in communities with NextRide to check for capacity conditions in advance of boarding       
2. The use of face coverings will be encouraged on buses and at bus stops where physical distancing is not possible
  • additional signage will be put in place across the province to promote these practices
3. Resuming front door loading and fare collection (effective June 1, 2020)
4. Entering only at the front and exiting only at the rear door to get more one way flow, with the exception of mobility aids (effective June 1, 2020)
5. Protective barriers for operators in the form of vinyl panels or full driver doors
6. Timeline for installation of full driver door protective barriers on buses will be accelerated

BC Transit Covid Response