Supply and Tenders

At BC Transit, we are always upgrading, expanding and improving our services across the province. Because of the dynamic nature of the transit industry, we are on the lookout for quality suppliers, service providers and a host of other business partners.

Please browse our current competitions on the BC Bid website and consider doing business with BC Transit:

17.03 NRFP Real-Time Solution
Published Date: 2017-01-24
Closing Date: 2017-02-21
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17.02 ITQ Articulated Forklift
Published Date: 2017-01-03
Closed: Date: 2017-01-20

16.74 REOI Internal Audit Services
Published Date: 2016/12/22
Closing Date: 2017/12/22
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16.54 Invitation to Tender
Kelowna Transit Facility Parking Upgrades

Published Date: 2016/11/28
Closed: 2016/12/15

16.70 Langford Transit Centre - Stores Expansion
Published Date: 2016/11/28
Closed: 2016/12/19

RFP 16.52 Banking Services
Published Date: 2016/11/04
Closed: 2016/12/01

NRFP 16.61 Consultant Program Director for Facility Construction
Published Date: 2016/11/02
Closed: 2016/11/24

ITQ 16.57 Waste Water Equipment
Published Date: 2016/10/31
Closed: 2016/11/22

ITQ 16.40 Transit Fare Passes
Published Date: 2016/10/31
Closed: 2016/11/24

RFP 16.62 Transit Facilities Design, Multiple Locations
Published Date: 2016/10/25
Closed: 2016/11/15

ITQ 16.39 Printing Services for Fare Products
Published Date: 2016/10/20
Closed: 2016/11/17

RFQ 16.35 Professional Services
Published Date: 2016/10/18
Closed: 2016/11/15

RFQ 16.41 Print Services
Published Date: 2016/09/16
Closed: 2016/10/06

ITQ 16.44 Supply & Install Langford Transit Centre Diesel Fuel Tank
Published Date: 2016/08/18
Closed: 2016/09/15

RFQ 16.24 Bus Refit Services
Published Date: 2016/07/28
Closed: 2016/08/25