7 Glenmore detour

This Alert expired on 7:00 PM, Sep 16, 2017


Sep 14, 2017

Routes Affected:

Due to construction commencing on Valley road between Cross road and Kane road, starting on September 14, 2017, the 7 Glenmore to Orchard Park and also the 7 Glenmore to Queensway will be detouring via Cross road. All stops on Kane road  will be closed for the duration of the construction and also the stops on Valley road between Kane and Cross road will be closed also.Valley road will reopen on September 17, 2017 and all buses will be back to regular routing at that time.

Bus stops that will be closed are as follows,

stop ID 103150 eastbound on Kane at Sutton ( to Queensway )

Stop ID 103203 Northbound on Valley at Cross (to Queensway )

Stop ID 103150 Westbound on Kane at Valley ( to Orchard Park )

Stop ID 103137 Westbound on Kane at Glenmore road (to Orchard Park )

Stop ID 103209 South of Cross on Valley ( to Orchard Park )

The bus stop on Glenmore road and Ballou which is designated as a Queensway stop only will also be designated to Orchard Park as well. There is also 2 temparary stops on Cross road at Drysdale 1 on the North side of Cross road for the 7 to Orchard Park and 1 on the South side of Cross road for the 7 to Queensway.