Boucherie Detour

Active Alert


Jun 18, 2018

Routes Affected:

On Monday June 18th the Boucherie detour will be extended. the 20 Lakeview will not be traveling on Hudson road, therefor all bus stops on Hudson road will be closed for approximately 1 month until construction is complete.

the #20 from West bank to Boucherie exchange will be detouring from Thacker road to Stuart road, then heading North on Hayman road to HWY 97, and from HWY 97 to Hudson, and from Hudson back to regular routing into Boucherie exchange.

The 27 and 29 routs will also be traveling via HWY 97 to Westlake road.

the # 20 from Boucherie exchange to West bank will be traveling via HWY 97 to Boucherie road, then South on Boucherie to Stuart road to Thacker then going regular routing to West bank.