NextRide real-time bus location technology is unveiled in the Regional District of Nanaimo

May 23, 2018
Transit System: Nanaimo

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NANAIMO –  Transit users in the Regional District of Nanaimo are now able to plan their trips more efficiently and see where their bus is along its route, all from their smart phone or desktop. This morning, an event was held to celebrate the launch of NextRide, BC Transit’s real-time bus location technology.    

B.C.’s Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Claire Trevena, and BC Transit’s Interim President and CEO, Erinn Pinkerton joined Regional District of Nanaimo Chair, Bill Veenhof and fellow Board members for a demonstration of the new features.

Guests were shown NextRide’s Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology, which provides customers with real-time data on the location of their bus and its predicted arrival time at a stop. NextRide operates off of a responsive website, enabling passengers to plan their trips from an internet connected mobile device or desktop.

NextRide also includes on-board enhancements, allowing customers to see and hear upcoming stop information upon approach, making BC Transit accessible to all users. Select major bus terminals have wayside passenger information displays that visually display anticipated arrival times.

NextRide data will allow BC Transit and its partners to better direct buses for schedule reliability and to more easily push alerts out to customers in the case of detours, accidents or other events that may delay regular routing.

The Regional District of Nanaimo is the first to implement NextRide technology, followed by six additional communities across the province:

Comox Valley June 2018
Squamish Summer 2018
Whistler Summer 2018
Kamloops Fall 2018
Kelowna Fall 2018
Victoria Winter 2018/2019


Strategic Mapping, Inc. has been contracted to install and monitor the technology. Funding for this project is coming from the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF), which was announced in June 2016 by the federal and provincial governments.

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The Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities
It is great to see NextRide technology rolling out on Nanaimo buses. By allowing users to keep pace with bus scheduling on the go, this new feature will make transit services in the region more responsive, convenient and accessible. Our government is proud to support innovative improvements to public transit systems that transform the way people live, move and work, supporting economic growth and the creation of a strong prosperous middle-class.

The Province of B.C.’s Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Claire Trevena
People of all ages and abilities rely on transit to get around. NextRide technology makes it a more convenient and accessible option. People can count on up to date, real-time information on when buses are coming and going. I’m pleased to see NextRide roll-out in many B.C. communities in the coming months.

Bill Veenhof, Regional District of Nanaimo Board Chair
I am thrilled for the transit users in the Regional District of Nanaimo to be the first to use this new technology. NextRide will be a great enhancement to our CNG fleet and will make using our transit system even more enjoyable for our riders.

BC Transit’s Interim President and Chief Executive Office, Erinn Pinkerton
More and more, our customers are relying on technology in their daily lives. We’re responding to our customers’ needs and bringing technology right on to our buses to enhance their experience with BC Transit. I am proud of the relationships we have built with our government partners to make NextRide a reality and am grateful for their support. 


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