Riders Guide Corrections

This Customer Advisory expired on 12:00 AM, Jan 24, 2018


Jan 9, 2018

Routes Affected:

Please be advised that the new Rider's Guide effective December 31 has some trip errors. Find corrections and additional trips for Monday to Friday on 50 Woodgrove and 50 Downtown below:


Monday to Friday      
Route Departing From Current Rider's Guide
Departure Time
Actual Departure Time
50 Downtown Woodgrove Exchange 6:26 AM 6:29 AM
50 Downtown Woodgrove Exchange 6:44 AM CANCELLED
50 Downtown Woodgrove Exchange 7:54 AM 7:43 AM
50 Woodgrove Prideaux Exchange 8:23 AM 8:10 AM


Additional Trips:

Monday To Friday    
Route Departing From  Departure Time
50 Woodgrove Prideaux Exchange 4:43 pm