Princeton overview map

Princeton to Penticton

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Community Location Time
Princeton Leave 8:00 am
Hedley Nickel Plate Restaurant 8:30 am
Keremeos OAP 8:55 am
  Mountain View Manor 8:55 am
  Hilltop Esso 9:00 am
Cawston Amber Light 9:05 am
Olalla Century 21 9:10 am
Penticton  Arrive 9:40 am


Penticton to Princeton

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Community Location Time
Penticton Leave 1:30 pm
Olalla Zacks (on hwy) 2:00 pm
Keremeos Greyhound/Napa (604 7th Ave) 2:10 pm
Hedley Nickel Plate Restaurant 2:30 pm
Princeton  Arrive 3:00 pm



Transit runs between Princeton and a number of nearby communities, such as Hedley and Penticton.

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On Request 

Book a trip within Princeton or to the surrounding communities with On Request service. On Request is an accessible transportation service for everyone in the community. It provides transit to and from accessible building entrances.

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Health Connections

Health Connections provides communities with accessible transportation options to non-emergency medical appointments. Although medical appointments have priority, everyone is eligible to use this service if space is available.

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Connecting People and Communities