Service Change- June 1, 2020

Squamish Transit

Notice to Riders

Effective June 1, 2020

BC Transit and the District of Squamish are announcing a service change and relocation of the downtown transit exchange, effective June 1, 2020.

New Squamish Library Transit Exchange:

Starting Monday, June 1, the Downtown transit exchange will be relocated from the Chieftain Centre to the Squamish Public Library. All trips now start and end at the library on Second Avenue. Riders boarding the bus at the Chieftain Centre on Pemberton Avenue may be required to disembark at the library in order to get on the correct route. This change is being made to enable construction of a separated bike path along Pemberton Avenue. A bus stop will continue to be available at the Chieftain Centre.

Due to this change, fares will not be collected at the Chieftain Centre if passengers are planning to switch buses at the library exchange to transition onto their required route. The fare will be collected once passengers transition onto their correct bus.

Fare collection and Front Door Boarding

As part of our response to COVID-19, the resumption date for fare collection has been adjusted in the Squamish Transit System to begin on Monday, June 15, 2020 as no fare product vendors are available until that time.

Route 5 South Parks:

BC Transit and the District of Squamish continue to work hard to provide transportation services to meet the needs of the community. A decision is pending on the 5 South Parks route for the remainder of the summer, however the route will not be operational June 15 as in previous years. The status of this route is being considered in the context of the significant drop in ridership due to COVID-19 that is being experienced currently, as well as anticipated over the summer while buses will be unable to run at full capacity due to physical distancing requirements.

For more information please visit the schedules and maps page or view the latest version of the Rider’s Guide.

Thank you for taking transit