Victoria Fare Changes 2016

Changes to fare products – the first revision in three years – will take effect in the Victoria Regional Transit System Friday, April 1.

Following consultations with the general public and transit operators, the Victoria Regional Transit Commission decided to keep most fares the same. This includes the regular cash fare of $2.50, Adult Tickets at $22.50 for a sheet of 10, the $5.00 DayPASS and the $85.00 Monthly Pass for adults. As well, the price for the Monthly Pass for seniors and youth will remain at $45.00, as it has for the past three years. Paper transfers, the multi-month Youth Pass and the Youth/Senior (green) tickets will be discontinued.

Previous paper transfers allowed one-way travel within a 60-minute time period. Now customers needing to travel on more than one route during a trip may purchase a DayPASS for $5.00 (or by exchanging two tickets), allowing them unlimited travel for that day. DayPASSes are only sold on board buses, exact change required.

Eliminating transfers also supports a safer work environment for transit operators and customers, as disputes between operators and passengers often involve transfers.

Monthly passes and tickets are available at more than 150 dealers around the Capital Region.
Tickets are sold in sheets of 10 for $22.50 ($2.25 per ride).

Fare Product Before March 31 As of April 1
Single Trip $2.50 $2.50
DayPASS $5.00 $5.00 (sold on bus only) or 2 tickets
Tickets (10) Adult $22.50 $22.50
Tickets (10) Senior $15.00 $22.50
Monthly Pass Adult $85.00 $85.00
Monthly Pass Youth/Senior $45.00 $45.00
Youth Pass (6-12 Months) $35.00 (per month) discontinued

All fare information can be found here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the fare structure changing?

The Victoria Regional Transit Commission (VRTC) has not changed its fare structure in three years, but operating costs have been going up. The structure VRTC is adopting helps us maintain our current service levels without placing undue burden on other funding mechanisms, such as property taxes.

Was the public consulted?

BC Transit consulted with people during the month of October, 2015, including an open house and online consultation, in which over 3,300 people provided input. We also consulted with our transit operators, since they are our front-line workers.

Why are transfers being eliminated?

A dispute over transfers is one of the leading causes of conflict – and sometimes assault -- involving transit operators and passengers. Removing this factor improves our operators’ safety and that of our customers.

Does that mean we have to pay for each individual bus trip?

No. In fact, multiple trips can be even more economical, since you can now purchase a DayPASS on the bus for $5, or two tickets which is even more cost effective at $4.50. You may also buy the DayPASS for one ticket plus $2.50 in exact change. Unlike one-way transfers, which expire after an hour, this pass is good all day, so you can not only take a trip out, you can make the return trip at your leisure. DayPASSes are only sold on buses.

If I have to pay exact cash, does your farebox accept $5 bills?

Yes – but it does not give change and operators do not carry change, either.

Can I use my old tickets after April 1?

Yes.  You can use the adult (pink) and youth/senior (green) tickets as the new transit tickets (blue).  One (1) ticket buys one (1) ride while two (2) tickets buys a DayPASS.

If I have the current version of the DayPASS, is it still good after April 1?

No. The current DayPASSes have an expiry date of March 31, 2016 stamped on them, so they must be used before then.

Will the new DayPASSes be transferable?


Will the new DayPASSes be tax-deductible?

No. Only fare products that are dated and valid for four continuous weeks (or longer), such as the Monthly Pass, are eligible for the Transit Pass Tax Credit.

When do they expire?

At the end of the service day they were issued.

Can I use the DayPASS in the Family Travel Program?

Yes. An adult customer can bring up to four children (aged 12 and under) on board under that one pass.

Can I also buy tickets at corner stores and other merchants?

Yes, the Victoria Regional Transit System has more than 150 locations to purchase tickets and passes. 

Can I use the DayPASS on handyDART?


Can I use the DayPASS on the Cowichan Valley Commuter?

No. the DayPASS is only valid on the Victoria Regional Transit System, and the #66 and #99 buses are not part of that system.