Taxi Saver

As a result of Covid-19 and ensuring the continued safety of our staff, there is a limit of two customers at a time in our building when purchasing Taxi Saver coupons. They are available for purchase through BC Transit reception.

Taxi Saver Program
BC Transit
520 Gorge Road E PO Box 9861
Victoria, BC V8W 9T5

Within handyDART service, there is a supplementary Taxi Saver program. The Taxi Saver Program offers another transportation option, in Greater Victoria, when handyDART cannot accommodate a customer’s travel request. Many handyDART customers use a combination of fixed-route and handyDART services depending on their travel needs. To qualify for the Taxi Saver program, you must be a permanent handyDART customer, 12 years of age or older, and have a handyPASS.


handyPASS is a picture identification card for those registered with handyDART. All handyDART customers are required to have a handyPASS. Show your handyPASS when travelling on the fixed-route bus to allow your attendant to ride free. You must Register with handyDART to receive a handyPASS.

Check the fares page for fixed-route and handyDART fares.

Taxi Saver

When handyDART cannot accommodate your travel needs, you can use the Taxi Saver vouchers for one-time trips. The Taxi Saver vouchers are available to permanently registered handyDART riders only. They provide a 50% subsidy towards the cost of taxi rides. You will need to have a handyPASS to use this program. Open and print this Taxi Saver guide (PDF).

Booking a Taxi Saver Trip

To book a taxi saver trip, call your local area taxi company directly.

How to Contact the Taxi Saver Office

To contact the Taxi Saver Office you can call 250-995-5618 or email

How to Purchase Taxi Saver Coupons

You need a handyPASS to buy and use Taxi Saver coupons. Eligible individuals can purchase an $80 package of Taxi Saver coupons at a cost of $40. This package can be purchased once every month. The coupons come in denominations of $1, $2 and $5.

By Mail

Send your order with your handyPASS number, a return address and a cheque in the amount of $40 (for one sheet) made payable to 'BC Transit'.

BC Transit
Taxi Saver Program
520 Gorge Road East
PO Box 9861
Victoria, BC V8W 9T5

How to Use Taxi Saver Coupons

To book a taxi saver trip, call your local area taxi company directly. Be sure to confirm that the taxi company accepts Taxi Saver vouchers. When you call to book your taxi, tell the dispatcher if you need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

The handyDART client uses the coupons to pay the dollar meter rate of taxi fare. For example, if a taxi fare is $5.80, the passenger pays $5.00 in coupons and 80 cents in change. (Taxi drivers do not give change on Taxi Saver coupons.)

Participating Taxi Companies

The following companies participate in the Taxi Saver Program:

*Bluebird Cabs, Empress Taxi, and Sidney Taxi have wheelchair and scooter accessible vehicles. When you call to book your taxi, tell the dispatcher if you need an accessible vehicle.

Be sure to tell the dispatcher that it's a Taxi Saver trip, and whether or not you require an accessible vehicle.

Taxi Saver Rules

  1. Taxi drivers cannot make change for Taxi Saver vouchers.
  2. You may not use vouchers as tips
  3. Taxi Saver vouchers are not transferable to other individuals or transit systems