Route 30 Detour Effective Monday, March 25, 2019

Expired Customer Advisory


March 24, 2019

Routes Affected:

Update - August 26th at 8:30a.m. - Buses are back to regular route
Due to road construction along Ridgebank Crescent, Route 30 buses will be staying on Carey Road in both directions and unable to travel on Mann Avenue, Vanalman Avenue, and Ridgebank Crescent.  Temporary stops will be located as follows:
Route 30 to Royal Oak Exchange – on Carey Road at North side of Grange Road, and on Wilkinson Road at South side of Mann Avenue.
Route 30 to Downtown – at 4362 Wilkinson Road South of Mann Avenue, and on Carey Road at South side of Grange Road.
Thank you for your patience during this construction project.