Local Area Transit Plans

In 2011, the Victoria Region Transit Future Plan was completed and adopted by the Victoria Regional Transit Commission providing a vision for improving the region’s transit network.  A series of nine Local Area Transit Plans are being developed to highlight transit service and infrastructure investment priorities over 5-7 year timeframes within specific areas of the Victoria region.

What Areas are Local Area Transit Plans being developed for?

Victoria Local Area Transit Plan

Westshore Local Area Transit Plan COMPLETED FEBRUARY 2015
University of Victoria Transit Plan COMPLETED JANUARY 2013
James Bay Local Area Transit Plan COMPLETED
Tillicum/Burnside Local Area Transit Plan UNDERWAY
Jubilee Local Area Transit Plan UNDERWAY
Esquimalt/View Royal Local Area Transit Plan UNDERWAY
Broadmead/Cordova Bay Local Area Transit Plan UNDERWAY
Sooke Local Area Transit Plan UNDERWAY
Uptown Local Area Transit Plan
Peninsula Local Area Transit Plan

What is contained in a typical Local Area Transit Plan?

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How do Local Area Transit Plans relate to other transit and local government plans?

Local Area Transit Plans focus on supporting local community development by aligning with the direction of the applicable Official Community Plans , and the neighbourhood and community plans for the area (both approved and in development), set within the regional context giving consideration to the CRD Regional Transportation Plan, Regional Growth Strategy and regional economic development.

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Completed Local Area Transit Plans