Victoria Transit Future Plan

In 2011, the Victoria Region Transit Future Plan was completed. The Transit Future Plan includes a review of existing transit services, regional and local land use plans, travel data, demographic projections and travel demand forecasts. 

This plan provides a vision for improving the region’s transit network over the next 25 years by:

  • Supporting local community goals and objectives, including:
    • The need to grow economic vitality
    • Preserve our green integrity and
    • Develop livable neighborhoods that demonstrate the integration of all sustainable modes of transportation
  • Strengthening the link between transportation and land-use in order to achieve sustainable growth and development, promoting community resiliency.
  • Identifying a Transit Future Network that includes four layers of transit service to tailor transit to regional and  local community needs:
    • Rapid transit
    • Frequent transit
    • Local transit
    • Targeted services

How is the Transit Future Plan being implemented?
Victoria Transit Future graphic 5 - image

Goals for Future Transit

  1. Transit is an attractive alternative to the private vehicle 
    • Fast and direct 
    • Convenient and reliable 
    • Easy to use
    • Comfortable 
    • Accessible to everyone 
  2. The transit system reduces our impact on the environment 
    • Support a sustainable urban form 
    • Support a sustainable transportation network 
    • Investigate new vehicle technologies 
  3. The transit system is efficient 
    • Maximize ridership for the amount of resources used 
    • Match transit services levels to demand 
    • Match transit vehicles to demand

Why do we need Transit Future Plans?

This Transit Future Plan will plan guide transit investment that is supportive of livable communities, through:

  • Identifying short-term projects (one to five years) to assist local partners in developing local capital and operating budgets
  • Supporting local community goals and objectives, such as strengthening the link between transportation and land-use in order to support sustainable growth
  • Develop Service Standards and Performance Guidelines which will assist in future decision-making processes  
  • Meeting climate change goals
  • Making it easy to access everyday services on foot, by bike and by transit

By being part of the development of a Transit Future Plan, you are helping to improve transit for yourself and for your entire community. So get involved, share your input, and be a part of shaping your transit system now and for the generation to come.

Victoria Region Transit Future Plan
Executive Summary